Dancing Lessons From Experienced Teachers

If you want to learn from experienced dance instructors, the Whitton-Morris School of Dance can help.

Dance Lessons For All Abilities

Our dance classes are available to beginners and those who are advanced in all subjects. We can offer you a wide range of dance tuition from experienced dance instructors, with regular classes in:
  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Musical Theatre (modern, singing & acting)
  • Teaching exams for trainee teachers
The Whitton-Morris School of Dance offers classes in B.B.O ballet and I.S.T.D modern and tap. Both of these high standard dance organisations are monitored by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (Q.C.A) to ensure their standards are maintained. Examinations are not compulsory, but are encouraged to keep your children motivated. 

If you would like to discuss dance tuition options, call us on
01352 713 377

Dance Lessons Across Flintshire 

We provide dance lessons around Flintshire, serving the following locations:
  • Holywell (Monday, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Mold (Tuesday & Thursday)
To find out more information on exact locations, or to book dancing lessons for your children, feel free to call or leave us a message.

All children must wear regulation uniform to class.

All uniforms can be purchased from Katie, who runs the dance and party shop in Mold.Please call Katie on 01352 756070.

boy wearing a tie on stage
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